I have created and edited

The Mother is Me

In 1997, the Asbury Park Press ran an article exploring alternative parenting publications. The lead paragraph detailed my reasons for founding and subsequently editing The Mother is Me, a nationally distributed magazine with a circulation of 10,000. The reporter wrote, “A woman’s history student at the University of New Hampshire, Condra-Peters took matters into her own hands. With virtually no publishing experience under her belt, she created The Mother is Me, a quarterly publication that explores the realities of motherhood in the 1990s.”

Inspiring a shared vision in our staff and working as a team to achieve our goals ensured the publication’s success.  Our magazine transcended its modest beginnings, ultimately gracing newsstands across the country and becoming a resource listed in such diverse reference guides as Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women’s Studies Resources, Wired Magazine and Yahoo’s annual Gift Guide for Mom.

The four years I spent editing The Mother is Me proved to be an immersion course in journalism.  By working intimately with the magazine’s small staff I gained insight into every task involved in the production process.  I wrote features and columns, explained editorial decisions to our writers and advertisers, snapped photos for upcoming features and proofed every article and layout before publication.

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The Telegraph’s Niche Publications

As Niche Editor for The Telegraph, a daily newspaper in Macon, Georgia, I created the editorial concept for four magazines with circulations of 40,000: Belle, Southern Style, Central Georgia Health and Fitness and The Brief.

Belle was a monthly magazine for and about the women in middle Georgia. Sample articles: Profiles of women making a difference in Macon, such as boutique owner Zelma Redding, artist Ginger Concepcion and author Louise Stamen; in-depth articles exploring topics that affect women, such as equal pay, child care and the women’s health care; and regular commentary regarding political and cultural issues, written by Macon personalities Jami Gaudet, Lisa Love and Monica Zook.

Southern Style offered home, garden and lifestyle tips, including profiles of local artists and venues. Sample articles included profiles of Macon’s historic buildings and homes; gardening tips specific to middle Georgia; and creative ways to enhance our material world.

Central Georgia Health and Fitness was designed to promote a healthy and informed lifestyle. Sample articles included strategies to maintain the safety of ourselves and our environments; dealing with diseases such as diabetes, addiction and cancer; and community resources offering wellness information and support.

The Brief was a monthly business tabloid distributed to business leaders in Central Georgia. From financial tips to book reviews, The Brief served as a resource for business people in the region. Each month featured an influential business owner or executive who was creating an impact on how business was conducted in our community.

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